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You must keep a journal recording your individual studies experience. You must also keep a log recording the amount of time you spend working on your Individual Studies course and what tasks you complete. The journal and log must both be typed and printed for the mid-term and final meetings with the Faculty Director.

For your journal, each entry must be numbered and dated.

You must write at least 1-entry per week. Weekly entries must be a minimum of 250-words. Use proper grammar and spelling. If you choose to write daily entries they may be any length that you find helpful in recording your experience.

Post your 250-word journal entry to your blog each week and email the Faculty Director the link. You may post more than 1-entry per/week. The additional entries may be any appropriate length.

Example entry topics:

  • Readings (books, magazines, online resources…)
  • Accomplishments
  • New skills and/or knowledge learned
  • Use of your previous skills
  • What skills you use most often
  • Benefits of the experience
  • How this experience shaped your career goals/interests
Log/Journal/Blog Rubric
Criteria Performance Quality Score
0 points 1 point 2 points
Log/Journal/blog Log/Journal/Blog was not completed on time, is poorly written, and does not contain relevant content. Log/Journal/Blog was completed on time, each section is completed, contains some spelling and/or grammatical errors, but content is not very relevant. Log/Journal/Blog was completed on time, each section is completed, contains no spelling and/or grammatical errors, and the content is very relevant.  
Critical Thinking Lacking critical thinking or lacking relevance. Some critical thinking (application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation) evident. Clear evidence of critical thinking (application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation).