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Topic Competency Evaluation Methods
Professional practices
  • Demonstrate effective time management
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate about your work, and act professionally in an interview situation
  • Demonstrate the ability to negotiate compensation
  • Design piracy/copyright/creative commons
  • Illustrate effective workflow
  • Identify inspirational examples of design elements that could inform the design of your portfolio.
  • Identify a series of job listings that match your skill set.
  • Maintain time-sheet with estimated time and actual time
  • In-class presentations of work at various stages
  • Maintain chronologically ordered process book
  • Any work that is not original to student who is handing it as part of their project needs to include written permission in process binder.
  • Process binder (workflow)
  • Process binder (research)
  • Search for appropriate/relevant jobs and bring 5 job descriptions from at least 3 different sources. Be prepared to present to class.
  • Set personal/professional goals and objectives
  • Identify self-branding message that you are currently projecting
  • Create and distill a self-branding message that will present a unique, and professional image
  • Life plan chart
  • Self-branding worksheet 1
  • Self-branding worksheet 2
  • Write effective copy for the Web, email, and for print
  • Blog entries
  • Write tag-line
  • Write "About" section for personal web site
  • Write resume
  • Write cover letter
  • Write initial email correspondence
  • Design an effective, consistent, and holistic self-branding package.
  • Design logo
  • Design personal website (pages: about, resume, portfolio)
  • Design resume for print and Web
  • Design cover letter for print
  • Design business card for print
  • Design note card/thank you card for print
Define topics
  • Define competencies for this topic
  • List methods of evaluating each competency