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Topic Competency Evaluation Methods
Information Architecture Define information architecture
Discuss value of information architecture in the context of web design and development.
Identify stages in the web design process and indicate the information architecture deliverables within this process.
Research / Web Project Definition Conduct a client interview to determine the business purpose of the new web site and the primary goals.
Identify common user information needs, information gathering models and methods for gathering user research
Write a project brief
Define the primary audience and develop a persona
Identify the steps to conducting an competitive analysis and explain the value of conducting this analysis
Content: Organization & Structure Perform a content audit and create a content inventory.
Explain the difference between content organization and content structure
Define content structure by creating a content map
Describe how to conduct a card sort and analyze the findings
Create a content brief outlining the content strategy
Process Identify trends using web analytic tools that can be used to shape an information architecture strategy
Explain how storyboards/process flows are used in complex interface design.
Structure Create a global site map
Create a page description diagram
Create a wireframe
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of wireframes (low fidelity, medium fidelity, high fidelity, CSS/XHTML)
Interaction Write the Functional Specifications for a simple web application
Develop a prototype based on the functional specifications