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Course Description

This course introduces students to (X)HTML, emphasizing semantic use of elements and the benefits of using standards-based, valid code. The use of CSS is discussed to separate content from presentation in order to decrease maintenance time, speed up development, improve download speed, and design capabilities. Students will employ web standards concepts to create a small brochure-ware website that uses global style sheets.

Recommended Textbook(s)

Recommended Reference Books

Note One or more of the recommended references on XHTML/HTML listed in the next section. Use any book from the list to teach the various HTML elements, the element syntax, the proper semantic meaning of the element, and any required attributes for the element. Do not teach any presentational HTML attributes (e.g., align or hspace), only attributes that cannot be replaced with a presentational CSS property.

Recommended Reading


Design Basics


Web Basics



Podcasts and Interviews

Technologies Required

  • Students will need their own web server to post their assignments
  • Computers with internet connection
  • Web Browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • Web page editor that fosters the development of valid (X)HTML and CSS code