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Course Description

This course provides knowledge and experience with professional aspects of web design. It will explore concepts such as self-branding and professional practices. In addition, the course will focus on making appropriate design decisions and understanding how these decisions affect a users' experience on the Web and with supporting printed and digital materials.


  • FED-120 Web Design 3 (future release)
  • US-310 Interaction Design 2 (future release)
  • SSD-100 Server-Side Scripting 1 (future release)
  • FED-300 Findability

Recommended Textbook(s)

Recommended Reading

Technologies Required

  • Students will need their own web server to post their assignments
  • FTP program
  • Mac or PC computers with internet connection
  • Web Browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer)
  • Web page editor that fosters the development of valid (X)HTML and CSS code
  • Web page debugging and evaluation tools such as Firebug and the Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox
  • Image editing tool such as any of the following:
    • Adobe Photoshop (recommended)
    • .ICO plugin via Telegraphics
    • Adobe Fireworks
    • Adobe Illustrator
    • GIMP (minimum requirement)