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Is there support for independent learning?
Posted: 12 January 2010 04:14 AM   Ignore ]  
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I am a marketing communications professional/former Web designer/Web content manager who has created and redesigned a number of sites for Fortune companies and small business alike. However, I’ve paid little to no attention to Web standards. Now I realize that to compete, I need to learn these standards and learn them well.

I was laid off from my last Fortune 100 position (along with thousands of others, when our jobs went to India). So, I have some time to devote to improving my skill set. Learning Web standards is my top priority. However, I don’t have money to pay for classes (or at least that is not where I should be spending money, now). While I look for work, I would like to strengthen my value to whomever might hire me. The Interact series of courses seems ideally suited to my help with this goal. I’d like to hear from forum members: do you believe this set of courses can be self guided or completed via independent learning? And, if so, where would you suggest seeking support with independent learning? Also, is there any certification for completing these courses independently?