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How do courses fit together?

The WaSP InterAct curriculum framework comprises 6 learning tracks. Courses that are listed here are those planned for release in 2009 and 2010. See our roadmap for other future publications.

If you are looking to integrate some courses into your own curriculum, read our Integration Guide to get started!

download PDF of curriculum framework structure

InterAct Curriculum Framework

The WaSP InterAct Curriculum Framework
Foundations Front-end Development Design User Science Server-side Development Professional Practice
WI-F100 Internet Fundamentals WI-FED100 Web Design 1 WI-D100 Digital Design Production WI-US200 Information Architecture 1 WI-SSD100 Server-side Scripting 1 WI-PP100 Professional Presentations
WI-F200 Writing For The Web WI-FED 105 Front-end Engineering WI-D200 Principles of Visual Design WI-US210 Information Architecture 2 WI-SSD110 Server-side Scripting 2 WI-PP200 Internship
WI-FED110 Web Design 2 WI-D210 Animation and Interactivity WI-US300 Interaction Design 1 WI-SSD200 Performance Optimization WI-PP220 Project Management
WI-FED130 Accessibility WI-US310 Interaction Design 2 WI-PP210 Independent Study
WI-FED120 Web Design 3 WI-F320 Form Design WI-PP300 Professional Development
WI-FED200 DOM Scripting 1 WI-US330 Prototyping WI-PP400 Professional Standards
WI-FED205 DOM Scripting for Designers WI-US400 Usability 1
WI-FED210 DOM Scripting 2 WI-US410 Usability 2
WI-FED220 DOM Scripting 3 WI-US500 Production Team
WI-FED250 Rich Internet Applications 1
WI-FED300 Findability
WI-FED400 Development for Mobile Devices